36. Domestic

This is my niece Marie with her new domesticated bunny…isn’t Max a beauty, he is just so soft.  I think this also counts as Karen’s Friday tip – I took a picture of the whole and also of part of the subject.  Of course, I love the “whole” (since my beautiful niece is in the picture), but for the theme the “part” would fit better.


~ by Tammy on February 17, 2010.

14 Responses to “36. Domestic”

  1. Well, yes, he’s a cute bunny. But your niece outshines him! She looks so proud of her new pet and her eyes are just sparkling!

  2. The bunny is cute but your neice gorgeous. Hang the theme, she can populate your postings when ever you like, so sweet a smile.

  3. I agree…your niece is a beautiful girl and the rabbit is pretty cool too. Nice family moment!

  4. What a pretty face! And, the bunny is cute too! I guess I thought all bunnies had pink eyes, mine did!

  5. The bunny makes a wonderful portrait, Tammy. Like you, I really love your niece with the bunny!! Those beautiful blue eyes and great smile are a show stopper. Great job.

  6. What a beautiful little girl with a great big smile. She looks proud as a peacock to be the owner of Max. Who is a beauty as well. Your niece has beautiful eyes in this image.

  7. Your niece outshines the bunny ten to one, Tammy. Lovely shot of a lovely child. Oh, yes. And the bunny is cute too. 😀

  8. The bright green shirt and the black and white bunny make such a great combination. This is a precious little girl.

  9. She looks so happy, what a lovely shot. Even domesticated rabbits seem nervous but this one looks happy too.

  10. What an adorable pair. You managed to get the closeup of the rabbit to be both sharp and soft at the same time. Magic!

  11. Adorable… both your niece and the rabbit!

  12. Beautiful shot of your beautiful niece! She is just glowing with happiness! I’ve never seen a rabbit with those markings before. He’s beautiful too, but can’t hold a candle to your niece. Good choice for the theme!

  13. She is a beauty, and I like how both shots capture personality – your niece’s in the first shot, and the second captures a special look in the face of her bunny.

  14. They are both so cute. There’s nothing better than a soft bunny in your arms. Few things in life can compare.

    And predictably, I like the second photo better, but I’m very glad you posted both.

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