35. Zoo White

A few more zoo pics – revisiting the theme WHITE…


~ by Tammy on February 17, 2010.

15 Responses to “35. Zoo White”

  1. Nice images Tammy. I am so glad you did not need us to name this bunch. lol

  2. Who knew the zoo
    could be so white, not dark as night?

    Nice shots! Must have had your WB set correctly! 🙂

  3. All three are great shots, but I especially like the butterfly. And I also really like how you displayed these with one large one and two small ones below. Nicely presented as a trio of ‘white’…

  4. Wonderful, images spoiled by one lousy butterfly, I chased them all around the Roma St Parklands and still didn’t get any thing worth postinh, butterglies ought to be shot, that would slow them down.

  5. Oh so pretty and certainly White! Nice shots and nice grouping.

  6. Great shots but I am also partial to the butterfly photo. Nicely done!

  7. I especially like the butterfly!! Great detail and it really reflects the delicacy of these beautiful insects. Nice work, kiddo!

  8. I must throw my lot in with those who like the butterfly too, Tammy. Nice capture! Lovely little delicate thing! What kind of bird is that on the lower right? They are all nice fit for the theme.

  9. That butterfly shot is a prize winner for sure. It is a marvelous shot.

  10. Gosh I hate to come a bit after you’ve posted and find that everyone stole what I was going to say 😉 What a lovely trio

  11. They’re all wonderful, but the penguin, in particular, is National Geographic material.

  12. Geez I wish I had access to a zoo… these are all such interesting examples of white. I particularly like the small bird at the bottom, very sweet and I love his colours with the white.

  13. What a wonderful White series – I’m particularly fond of the black and white butterfly!

  14. Beautiful girl & rabbit. I admit though, I do have a soft spot for rabbits 🙂

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