31. Simplicity

The sun actually came out for a while today so I decided to sneak out to our zoo, mostly visited the indoor buildings but it was nice to be out and walking!  One of my first stops was the aquarium and the jellyfish.  Jellyfish do not have specialized digestive,  central nervous,  respiratory, or circulatory systems and are made up of 90% water.   I would say that makes them quite simple…

Camera: Canon XSI, Shot in Manual mode, Lens:  55-250mm, Focal Length:  84mm, Aperture F/5, Shutter Speed 1/15, ISO 800     Processed in PSE8:  Adjusted levels, increased saturation, cropped


~ by Tammy on February 12, 2010.

21 Responses to “31. Simplicity”

  1. Wow! – to quote your favorite expression! lol

    This is stupendous! Love it.

  2. The simpler the better, but difficult, I think. Very good image for the theme, both the content and performance.
    Have a nice weekend

  3. Great composition and colors. The sun was out here too. There is hope for nice weather ahead!!

  4. Very cool! Love the colors. Nice, sharp image

  5. You got so many in that one shot! Very good. I like the colors too.

  6. Beautiful. I like your explanation for the subject… but more than that, it is great composition, color. You are lucky to have a zoo so near by!

  7. You can really feel them floating – such an ethereal quality to this shot. Very nice!!!

  8. Surprise, Surprise (Sorry Gomer Pyle) Guess who is going to disagree with you. Ah dang you got it in one! If they are so simple how do the determine that the sun has risen and rise to the surface of any body of water they inhabit, then follow it near the surface all day feeding on the sunlight directly. Then as night falls so do they, but next morning they are all back to where they started the morning before, ready to do it all over and over again. Are you trying to tell us that they just fluke it every day. Tell me have you ever missed an appointment?? Jellyfish don’t.

    • Ok, maybe you are RIGHT….but they do have a fairly simple body make up….don’t they just fascinate you?? Probably an everyday sight for you and Sally!

  9. Love the colours and the different shapes. Well done!

  10. Gorgeous! Can’t you just watch them for hours? The Monterey Bay Aquarium in California has the most amazing displays of all variety of jellies. They are amazing…

  11. Love those blue colors. Simple but unique, they amaze me.

  12. Just a fabulous photo. The blue is so great with the black background. I love how you can see the transparency of the jellyfish.

  13. We’ve got a couple aquarium here in NJ with great jellyfish displays..I photograph them every time we go…just love this shot..must be time to take the grandkids to the aquarium again!!

  14. This picture could be in National Geographic. Sure you don’t want a second career as a nature photographer?

  15. Very cool photo! I know from experience how hard it is to get them to be in focus like that – very tricky lighting conditions, but you did an excellent job capturing them here.

  16. Very nice shot, Tammy! Reminds me of some of Mr. L’s lab and scan screen shots!

  17. This is a wonderful pic – love the simplicity, shapes and those colours are stunning!

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