29. White

How much better this guy looks against a bright blue sky with the sun shining.  We finally missed a snow storm…while my poor Eastern friends are getting dumped on we are enjoying a sunny (but cold) day!

Camera: Canon XSI, Shot in Manual mode, Lens:  55-250mm, Focal Length:  65mm, Aperture F/11, Shutter Speed 1/500, ISO 200     Processed in PSE8:   levels adj, crop, topaz adjust filter – clarity setting (lowered opacity of that layer down to 25%), upped saturation a bit


~ by Tammy on February 10, 2010.

17 Responses to “29. White”

  1. Nice subject for white! He looks very happy!

  2. he’s certainly white! How good for you to have the sun!! That’s a beautiful sky!

  3. I think we all know what Tammy was up to today. I see the hand prints all over that guy.

  4. Beautiful shot! Love the blue and white! But, that sign has got to go! I have banned all things that say “Let it Snow” from my home!

  5. Tammy! You’ve had your share this winter, haven’t you? Appears that the Lord is no respecter of persons – and perhaps not of places either, what with the East getting dumped on. We can all now relate to that ” . . . winter of 2010!!” Will be telling our grand kids how rough it was for us. 😀

    Great shot of all that white against that blue! I’m with Eleanor on this. I am tired tired tired of cold and snow. Spring can’t be too far around the corner, can it?

  6. Even witches should know better than throw it in the face of Mother Nature, you’re looking to get creamed. Why are you yanks so fixated on snow. I just started work on my white shot and you will never guess the subject – Pray Lady Pray!

  7. What a great snowman, though he seems to be missing some teeth! You were clever to shoot from this perspective because you’re right, the sky provides a perfect contrast. Plus, you nailed the exposure and the white balance. Well done!

  8. What a happy photo, Tammy!! This is just so cheery. Great exposure handling to get that backlit guy so good looking! Great job.

  9. I almost got snowed in in NYC!!! Barely made it out! LOL
    Don’t even talk to me about snow…it is EVERYWHERE but where it should be…LOL

  10. Is there a more classic winter photo? Love his smiling face against that bright blue sky.

  11. He looks delighted with the sunshine! Nice balance to your exposure – you did a great job captureing the detail in that strong sunlight.

  12. A great picture. He contrasts so well with the beautiful blue sky.

  13. Perfect exposure and angle of view, I just hope he was on a hill.

  14. Cute! I want to make a snow man! And I love his ‘necklace.’ Excellent sentiment.

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