27. What is That?

Give me your best guess….I will let you know the answer tomorrow…

Processed using PSE8:  cropped and adjusted levels

Processed using PSE8:  crop, levels adjustment, topaz adjust – portrait smooth

Processed using PSE8:  Crop, levels adjustment, topaz adjust – spicify

All pictures:  Camera: Canon XSI, Shot in Manual mode, Lens: 50mm, Aperture F/2.8 , Shutter Speed 1/200, ISO 200, Exposure Metering:  -1


~ by Tammy on February 6, 2010.

18 Responses to “27. What is That?”

  1. Not a clue, but I like the pictures!!

  2. Nice graphics, wouldn’t have a clue, I’ll wait for the book to come out!

  3. like the others before me…no idea but I LOVE them!!!!
    My guess is that you are looking through the bubbles at the background colours. It’s not stain glass so could it be textures glass…but no, the circles are too perfect…**sigh**

  4. I thought at first it was a piece of costume jewelry (like a big beaded necklace) immersed in a pan of lightly soapy suds water. But if all of these photos are of the same thing, likely not. Otherwise, don’t know.

  5. Oops! forgot to add that I liked the photos, the shapes and colors and lighting.

  6. Three images of different sized colored bubbles.

  7. I think it’s soda water thru a clear glass with different colors behind it.

  8. It seems to me the image is water pressed between two glass squares, with the colors behind it, since the bubbles appear quite flat and compressed against the glass. I first thought it was looking through a washing machine glass front, but prob not.

  9. Oh the thought just hit me, and I will give my reasoning. First I thought they were soap type bubbles, but then they are so smooth they appeared flat. Is it oil in water? That would explain the smoothness of the bubbles.

  10. Beautiful! I think it’s an Oil and Vinegar bottle shaken (not stirred) and placed in front of some very colorful objects.

  11. I like Sheila’s guess! At least looking at the top two photos. Third one makes me wonder if this so, except I don’t have another opinion to offer. These are beautiful.

  12. I haven’t a clue…. but I like the oil and water idea. Whatever it is, it makes a beautiful modern art type pic!

  13. Whatever it is, it’s beautiful!

  14. I agree..whatever it is, it is a great photo. I really love the colors..nice capture!

  15. This came out beautifully, Tammy!! What a great idea! I like all the treatments and couldn’t pick a favorite. Gotta love Topaz!!

  16. Coming in late here so I already know what it is, but what a fun series – and perfect to stump everyone for this theme.

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