25. Glass

Tonight was $1.99 margarita night….so it was margaritas and fajitas for dinner.  Everyone knows that a margarita comes in a GLASS!

Camera: Canon XSI, Shot in Manual mode, Lens:  18-55mm, Focal Length:  55, Aperture F/5.6, Shutter Speed 1/60, ISO 400     Processed in PSE8:  levels adjustment, raised the saturation, cloned out some glare, topaz adjust filter (opacity about 25%), plus a crop


~ by Tammy on February 1, 2010.

36 Responses to “25. Glass”

  1. Great job on the glass. I have no idea where the glare was but it looks great now. I like the colors and the tilt! Nice!!

  2. Oh yeah! Love the jaunty tilt! Hope you enjoyed!

  3. Proves your drinking is not on the level, is that glass half empty or half FULL?

  4. $1.99 margaritas! Where is this place? LOL. I really like the way you took that shot-on an angle and not showing the whole glass. Makes it much more interesting. Colors are great too.

    • $1.99 Margaritas every Monday & Wed nights at La Mesa in Omaha, come and join me one night! 🙂

  5. I’m so jealous! There is nowhere here that will sell a margarita for such an amazing price. Or I would never leave. 🙂 And fajitas sounds delicious as well.

  6. *yummy* That looks nice, and with fajitas too… even better.

  7. Forgot my websiteadress….

  8. Tammy! Great shot, great composition and lighting. Nice colors as well. Good Job.

  9. Love the colours in this Tammy..and the angle adds so much to the overall feel…well done…can’t wait to get started on this months photos.

  10. What a fun shot! The tilt is a perfect perspective. It might have been boring straight. Kind of makes me feel like I’ve had a couple!

  11. Hey Tammy we ought to introduce your drink to my sandwich…they’d be great together! I like to composition and colors. Nice job.

  12. That image just warms me up! I love the tight crop and the tilt and how the straw is angled towards the camera, tempting me. Great shot, Tammy!

  13. Wow, that is one spectacular glass. Love the colours and the angles.

  14. Looks like the person behind the camera was a little “Tipsy” I think you were singing “Margaritaville” and not “One” LOL How nice of you the taunt us with the straw positioning, so close and yet nothing.

  15. Beautiful – great colors and focus

  16. So easy to have a little sip with the straw where it is – feels like I could so easily. Great fun shot!

  17. Great colors and I like the “tilt” too. Great shot!

  18. The tilt really adds to the fun of this shot. Although maybe you didn’t plan the tilt at all–maybe this was your second or third margarita?!

    • I wish I could have said that…but actually I cropped it at a tilt. The other way would have been more fun! LOL

  19. I like Margaritas, too, but after a while the acid reflux kicks in…..
    This is a virtural Margarita, so fill it up again…or maybe you should have ordered the “big” one….

  20. Mmm, another hot day here today so I could really do with 1 or 10 of those….

  21. Those are some affordable drinks! WOW.

  22. LOL!! That’s a very colorful Margarita.

  23. You definitely know how to have fun! I love how in the midst of this party, you pulled out your camera. I can see this onthe cover a of a Drinks menu.

  24. I love the way you angled the shot and the touch of pink in the straw. The tilt takes this from ordinary to artistic – very fun!

  25. Angles always make great shots in my mind, but was this in the beginning of the meal or near the end? LOL.

  26. Great shot, Tam! I love that you have the glasses that are shaped like cactus!! Nice touch! 🙂 Love your take on the theme.

  27. All of the above, Tammy, and I want to know where the party is. This image makes me thristy!

  28. I just got off work and I need a sip of that right about now! Love the angle, the combination of the greens, reds & yellows. Fun and inviting,

  29. Nice shot. I love Margaritas LoL. Love the angle and the colors. :O) looks Yummy.

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