24. Flowers (Friday Photo Tip)

This weekend (as you know) I took my photo walk indoors at the Cathedral Flower & Art show….the weather was icky outside, but glorious inside!


~ by Tammy on February 1, 2010.

19 Responses to “24. Flowers (Friday Photo Tip)”

  1. Another round of great images Tammy. If you could darken the background on the yellow flowers it would be killer.

  2. Wow, that really makes it pop, cool!!

  3. haven’t you got Snow Shovelling Duties to carry out, instead of Lollygagging around fulfulling you personal need for colour? Not much of a flower child myself buch this is talent along with the colour fix it provides, great array.

    • Look who is talking about lollygagging around…at least I am not down by the water, bike shops, and the pubs on a daily basis! 🙂

  4. Fun images, Tammy! I love the fruit guy. The yellow flower (is that a variety of calla lily?) is beautiful and it does pop very nicely on the black background.

    • Thanks Rachel, and yes, the yellow flowers are cala lilies. There is actually only one…I duplicated the one and layered it on the top in elements….the picture just wasn’t balanced as it was originally taken.

  5. Tammy! Wow! What eye candy!! Now I am yearning for spring all the more. Fantastic shots. My favorite is the lilies. I like Jen’s suggestion too. Nice shots and job!

  6. Great images Tammy, I especially love the yellow one, the tender yellow folds are quite beautiful.

  7. Full of color and excitement…you did wonders with the calla by duplicating it. I didn’t see the first background, but what you have here is outstanding. I am yearning for spring!

  8. Tammy — these are unbelievable! You and Karen going to flower shows make me very envious!

  9. Color, color, color! I love it, love it, love it!

  10. The top image reminds me of the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe.

  11. So pretty – I can never get enough of beautiful flowers.

  12. You do such a fantastic job taking pictures of flowers. They are always so beautiful.

  13. What a fine blast of warm colors! I love your work on the calla, simply beautiful.

  14. Love the watermelon man!

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