23. Doors and Windows

The last day of the month and the last theme filled…..believe it or not,  I had a hard time filling this theme (all our doors and windows are filled with snow and are not too pretty at the moment).  These are all taken at the Cathedral flower and art show again (and again, all are shot in auto mode).  The first two pics are of some doors…the first one I loved the angles and lines in the stairway leading up to the partial door.  In the second image, I hated there was a sign in the doorway, but I wanted to give you an idea of how grand the entrances are to this church…the details in this building are amazing!

The second set of pictures is of a few of the stained glass windows in the church – there were hundreds of them so beautiful and bright…I love how they incorporated them into their flower/art displays as seen in the first image.   The simplicity of the second image drew me in…

One month down and 11 months to go…..this is just so much fun!


~ by Tammy on January 31, 2010.

16 Responses to “23. Doors and Windows”

  1. Great images Tammy. Love the leading lines on the staircase image. You could put the “remove unwanted images from your photos’ TUT to work here and remove the sign on the door. LOL

  2. Very lovely. I like the different looks you found throughout this same building. The wooden doorway looks like is was from 1600s-era East coast, but the exterior has an all-together different appearance. The stained glass is really pretty, too!

  3. Always love the stained glass, great color and detail in this one. Love the wooden staircase and door too.

  4. The stained glass is breathtaking.

  5. Tammy! the wooden door is by far my favorite too. Good shots, even with auto! lol Colors turned out grand. Textures are great. Contrasts spot on.

  6. Funny but I was expecting a shot of a little used door with massive snow banks all around it. Is the white in the stained glass showing the snow levels outside.

  7. You’re closing the month with a bang, Tammy! You picked some beautiful doors and windows. All the images are stunning, couldn’t say which I like best, though stained glass is always a winner.

  8. Nice selection of doors and windows – love the imposing grand entrance and the almost Zen-like window on the left.

  9. Your doors and windows are certainly beautiful. My favorite is the stained-glass on the bottom left. The cross in front is a nice touch.

  10. I love your doors and windows! Congrats on doing all the themes. Good work!

  11. Hi Tammy,
    Beautiful windows and doors! I really like that arched doorway into the church, stunning. That door going up the stairs makes you wonder what’s in there. Have a great day!


  12. Oh! i like the windows.

  13. Another great series… just love the wooden door, you’ve made it look so appealing with how you’ve framed it. Awesome!

  14. I like the similarity in perspective on these – looking up at all of them unifies the group.

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