17. Trio

A trio of colors, or better yet, a trio of sides on a rubiks cube…

Camera: Canon XSI, Shot in Manual mode, Lens: 55-250mm, Focal length: 250mm,  Aperture F/5.6, Shutter Speed 1/60, ISO 400    Processed in PS8:  levels adjustment, topaz adjust filter – simplify (to smooth out colors and reflection), increased saturation a bit


~ by Tammy on January 25, 2010.

23 Responses to “17. Trio”

  1. Tammy! Can not look at this too long. I get disorganized! Nice sharp colors. Great thinking for the theme. Good job!

    • Thanks Iona, it does kinda hurt your eyes, doesn’t it? 🙂 I wish our outdoor weather would clear up….I am grabbing anything I can indoors and taking pics of it, my family thinks I am nuts LOL

      • Tammy! Me too!! Can’t get out like I’d like because I can not drive now. Went to a neighboring town today. Took lots of photos that I’ve not looked at yet. Hope I can get a few . . .

  2. You peeled those stickers off and stuck them all back on relative sides tell the truth, Great angle, viewpoint and macro!

    • You know me well! Two Christmas’s ago my parents gave each one of us a rubiks cube…all 3 boys (hubby included) messed theirs up right a way and went to work on it…I never touched mine, it is proudly displayed all done down in the rec room LOL

  3. The light on this is awesome Tammy!!! I would NEVER have been able to leave one untouched! LOL Hope you can get out soon!

  4. What a fascinating shot, Tammy! It does have a weird effect in that I feel like I’m inside the cube looking towards the corner.

    (Kate can do one of these in a few minutes – no sticker rearrangement either.)

    • The boys have a friend who can do it in minutes too, I have no patience, I can’t even put together a jigsaw puzzle!

  5. The light on this is fab – looks like it’s lit from within!

    I had to LOL at your “grab anything in the house” comment. Between eggs and paper towels, I’m scraping the bottom of the photographic barrel!!

  6. very nicely deceptive as to the lines and the dimensions 🙂

  7. Hi Tammy,
    Great Trio! Love the colors, so bright! Have a great day!


  8. WOW!! What a great viewpoint to this trio of bold lines and patterns. Had to put on my sun glasses, not that the sun is out or anything!

  9. This optical illusion looks like it is lit from within….

  10. Very cool idea..the colors really POP!

  11. Cool shot for the theme! Very creative. Nice composition, lighting, etc. Can’t say enough good things. 🙂

  12. I know it’s an optical illusion, but it looks to me like a Rubik’s cube taken from the inside.

  13. It is so cool an illusion, nicely done. From just grabbing something you got a fine and fun image. I don’t have the patience to do these either.

  14. Wow, so cool =)

  15. This is a great shot. The depth is amazing. You can see several different angles when you look at it. Nice capture.

  16. Hi Tammy,
    This is a great shot for the theme. I love all three of those colors together. Have a great day!


  17. I love this image. As I stare at I feel like I am inside the Rubic’s Cube. Great job.

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