16. Looking Down Re-Visited (Friday Photo Tip)

Took a few new pics this weekend to re visit the theme of looking down….my favorite was of the sunset last night.  In our neighborhood our house sits at the highest spot, so here is a view looking down on our neighborhood and on the stunning sunset (we haven’t seen the sun in weeks and it appeared for about a half hour and showcased these vivid colors)!

Over the weekend I also visited the gardens again (wishing for spring) and spent a lot of time playing w/ the dogs….here are the rest of my looking downs from the weekend….


~ by Tammy on January 24, 2010.

19 Responses to “16. Looking Down Re-Visited (Friday Photo Tip)”

  1. All great but the Sunset is the standout!

  2. Terrific shots. I love that sunset!!

  3. That sunset should be framed and on the wall…..I love sunsets…and flowers, etc., etc.
    You caught my attention on all those images.

  4. That was a great idea to concentrate on ‘looking down’ for the weekend – it resulted in a nice variety of shots. I really love the idea of presenting them this way. My favorites are the two which seem to promise spring – the blue flower against the green grass (great depth of field to isolate the subject) and the close-up of the stripey bud. And, the double entendre of looking down on the statue who is looking down is perfect. 😉

  5. So, that’s what the sun looks like – very nice. I love the colors.

  6. Some awesome images Tammy. I like the idea of just focusing on one theme and applying them to multiple shots. The sunset has my vote also.

  7. Hi Tammy,
    Beautiful sunset! We haven’t seen the sun for over a week now. I think it moved somewhere else. Have a great day!


  8. Nice variety of shots! I especially like the red/white flowers, though the sunset is just beautiful (of course).

  9. Tammy! The rest of the photos pale in comparison to your stupendous sunset!! Of course, post a sunset and I’m all a bowl of quivering jelly! Love it!! Others are really nice . . . but . . . . . . 😀

  10. Great group of images Tammy. The sunset gets several thumbs up from here.

  11. You´re very creative. I like the sun over there. Great sunset. I like the other pictures too..

  12. Great presentation of your weekend activities. The flowers are usually my favorites, as you know, but your dog takes the prize this go round!!

  13. They’re all gorgeous, but the sunset is the best!! Beautiful! Hope you see many more of these! It’s nice you have a high spot like that to ‘look down’. Those red and white flowers are gorgeous too. I’m guessing they are an inside plant.

    • Honestly, i didn’t get the name of the red & white flowers at the show…i will when I go back, I promise, they are gorgeous, aren’t they?

  14. I love the last four, especially the photo of the bluebells. Lovely depth of field there.

  15. This is such a great collection of shots all on the theme, I love the sunset and I love your visual pun with the statue. The flowers, especially the bud are stunning too. (amaryllis I think)

  16. Tammy – what a wonderful series! Concentrating on that one element of looking down resulted in some wonderful photos. It’s hard to pick a favorite – I like the top two flowers, I like the statue looking down, but I really like the shot of your pup – looking up at you looking down!

  17. Fabulous sunset! I love the little collection of “looking down” images. Well done…and a very nice variety!

  18. These are great shots for the looking down theme. The sunset is brilliantly colored. My favorite is the last one. I love the blue/purple against the bold green of the grass.

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