13. Jack Frost (Just for Fun)

As much as I hate all of the freezing rain we have been getting,   I do have to admit it is BEAUTIFUL!   I took this yesterday morning, I loved the ice covered barbed wire.

And here is one I took last weekend….the frost and the fog made it a winter wonderland.

I have a feeling our ice and snow will soon be dwindling – it is supposed to be in the 50’s this weekend and pouring rain….now all this beauty is going to turn into a big mess!


~ by Tammy on January 21, 2010.

18 Responses to “13. Jack Frost (Just for Fun)”

  1. You can’t fool me lady you can’t wait for Jack to split!LOL

  2. I agree…as much as I dislike freezing rain, it does create some incredible scenes. We were forecast for freezing rain last night but it seems to have missed us. Very nice images!

    • Glad it missed you Greg! We are now gearing up for rain (and flooding near the Platte River)….what weird weather this year!

  3. Great images Tammy. We just had a series of storms come through and it is suppose to be a winter wonderland in the mts, so guess where my camera is heading later this week.

  4. Tammy! You are reminding me about our horrid ice storm a year ago. burrrrr! That second photo is exquisite!

  5. Two cool images. I like them both a lot. The 2nd one is amazing though. I can see it in a frame over the sofa. Even in a large format would be cool. If you ever have a chance the Fine Art America site will allow you to see what your image will look like framed and matted, I believe without joing the site. http://fineartamerica.com/

  6. The barbed wire is wearing a crystal necklace! And your other photo is so atmospheric – romantic and moody. I think winter is magic when it presents us with these rich white vistas. Thanks for capturing them!

  7. What beautiful work you and Jack Frost do together! I, too, love the frosty bridge disappearing into the trees. Definitely frame that one!

  8. Was also going to say, play around as much as you want. I think some of the best images come without the restriction of themes…

  9. Now that I’m a grup, I think freezing rain is EVIL, but there’s no doubt it makes the ordinary world look like fairy-land. To me, the bottom image is truly stunning–it looks like a pencil sketch, so airy, and that bridge adds that element of balance to break up the softness and make one feel that there’s something beyond the tree that might want exploring.

  10. I was thinking the same as Bobbie – the bottom shot has a pencil-sketch look about it – just lovely.

  11. Tammy these are great images. The second on is my favorite. Just gorgeous. They look like they could be paintings. I would hang framed in my living room :O) Did you use any special processing?

    • On the second image I used the topaz filters…adj levels, topaz detal -black and white, made copy then topaz admust -clarity..lowered opacity on that level, then cropped.

  12. I’m with you…this is beautiful to look at out the car window or office window, but who wants to be out IN it? Glad you snagged some pretty shots to remember it by.

  13. It’s hard to come up with more to say than what has been said, these are both beautiful indeed.

  14. Great images! But so coooold!

  15. These are gorgeous Tammy! I wish I had some frost here in SF, would be better than all the dreary rain.

  16. Love the last one!

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