9. Warning

This morning I woke up to a winter wonderland….the trees were covered with frost and there was a light fog, it was just gorgeous.  I went for a short photo drive (was too lazy to get out of the car) and captured some of the beauty out there (although my pictures will never do what I saw justice)!    While driving I came across these warning signs….

Camera: Canon XSI, Shot in Aperture Priority mode, Lens: 55-250mm, Focal length: 84mm,  Aperture F/11, Shutter Speed 1/400, ISO 400
Processed using PSE8, levels adj, Changed to black & white & used selective coloring for the signs, played w/ the contrast a bit and then sharpened & created frame


~ by Tammy on January 16, 2010.

33 Responses to “9. Warning”

  1. Beautiful Tammy…love the selective colour. I wondered if you had done that or it was SOOC..thanks for the details info. Can you send some this way..we have a little winter event going on here and need some snow on the local hills…the event? THE WINTER OLYMPICS….excuse me while I go look at my crocus which are popping up…YIKES

  2. Hi Tammy,
    This is so beautiful! We have been having some fog here too. But nothing this beautiful has come across. Have a great day!


  3. That is just awesome Tammy !!! There seems to be a sign missing – “STOP” and take in the view. Your B&W / selective color is just the right touch.

    • Who needs a stop sign to stop and soak in this beauty…I bet the guy behind me loved me stopping LOL

  4. I love the selective coloring and your frame. Very nice.

  5. Awesome! I love the shot and the coloring. The frame is a nice touch too.

  6. This is beautiful. And I like this frame much better. 🙂

  7. Fair-weather fotographer: I can see your workflow now! Husband or brighteyed children drag you out of bed, make your breakfast, husband gets the car out to take you for a drive – Just to get you out of the house. Air conditioner blaring away, hubby presses the button to lower the window for you. Snap! window back up, back home under the blankets, hybby brings the laptop. You process the shot you took put that wonderful frame on it, what have we got one Beautifully splendid Photo! You get all the credit and the boys did all the work.
    Much better being Lucky, than being Rich or Smart eh!

    • LOL Ron, you pretty much nailed it…although no husband involved!
      I bribed my son Ryan w/ a Starbuck’s hot chocolate to drive me around…if I didn’t know it, I would swear you were on your broomstick spying on me! 🙂

  8. The selective color is just right for this one.The heavy frost on the trees, the bright snow and the dark road draw me in to this photo. I just came from a visit to Illinois for two weeks and was struck again with how beautiful the midwest is in the winter.

  9. Wow Tammy, will you ever see green again? I like this, its very picturesque. Its great for the them, but I’s like it for a card or something.

  10. Beautiful, beautiful image, Tammy. I love the curve in the road. It makes you wonder what is beyond that curve.

  11. I like the curve in the road too and hope it isn’t too slick or that lovely tree gets it. I love thinking of your sons driving you around looking for photo ops. If you do send snow to Vancouver please skip my house- I’m just a bit south…

  12. This is one of those AH! photos that I just keep up on the monitor for a long time becuase there is so much depth to it that the eye doesn’t tire of looking at it. There’s a dreamy element to it, and the composition leads one’s eye down the road, but slowly, so as to be able to take in the fantasy landscape. The yellow of the warning signs brings it bak to eath, but only tentatively–like the lamppost at the entrance to Narnia in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”

  13. Beautiful to look at but terrible to drive in! The selective coloring works well, as I’d hadn’t realized that you did that to the picture. I thought you took the picture this way! Anyway, this is beautiful.

  14. Lovely processing Tammy, I love selective colouring in an image. Beautiful pictures when the snow is still on the trees.

  15. I love what you did with this, Tammy! Great choice to selectively color the markers!

  16. This is a beautiful shot. I like the selective coloring with the signs and how the curve in the road draws your eye straight into the photo. Beautiful scenery up there!

  17. Tammy – what a fantastic shot! I love the depth that the selective coloring draws your eyes back into the image. They say we are going to get another +/- 10 inches overnight tonight — so maybe some good images tomorrow.

  18. Just lovely. Way to make lemonade out of all your snowy lemon weather.

  19. Tammy, this is a beautiful shot. I like the bit of bright yellow in the signs. And what a way to share some time with your son!

  20. Beautiful black and white image. This format really works for winter shots and this season seems to be giving plenty of opportunities!

  21. Nice selective coloring Tammy.


  22. Absolutely stnning image. Love everything about it.

  23. I saw this the other day but didn’t have a chance to leave a comment. LOVE IT! Awesome shot Tammy!

  24. Tammy! Nice shot. Great for theme! I like it that the frame has not cropped out any of the photo. Good selection. Also like your post-processing. Those signs make the photo pop. Makes me shiver just to view this shot. Great work!

    Had to laugh at your and Ron’s exchange. 😀

  25. A beautiful photo! The frosty trees is fantastic!

  26. Beautiful image.

  27. Beautiful scene captured.

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