8. Cropping (mini assignment – composition)

For the mini assignment I did a before picture of the whole subject and then another picture which focuses just on part of the subject…I thought cropping it down to just the parrots head gave the image a more interesting perspective and showed off more details in this beauty’s face.    I also liked that it took out the branches…..I found them distracting.  Which image do you like better as far as composition goes?




~ by Tammy on January 15, 2010.

25 Responses to “8. Cropping (mini assignment – composition)”

  1. Like the one on the top better, would be nice if you could remove the upper branch. The bottom image is just to close up, for me anyway.

  2. They look like different shots to me as the angle of the beak seems changed. I understand why you cropped, I wouldn’t get my lens that close to a sulphur crested Cockatoo, you could lose a lens real quickly.

  3. Sorry my BAD it is two shots, I read the cropping article as meaning to crop the shot in processing, when you do in camera cropping isn;t that an entirely new shot with totally different aims and intentions. I like the top branch, I know these birds and they like some top cover, for fear of Eagles.

  4. I like the full bird, it gives way to his size and stature. I like the 2nd a lot since you can see his eye and that powerful beak. My boss’s GF has a blue and gold macaw. Great job.

  5. Beautiful bird…but Danudin, I think it is not your Australian Sulpher Crested..I believe this is a Moluccan Cockatoo.
    and I would definitely not let my camera or lens or anything I loved near it…LOL! Much bigger than the sulphers even!
    I LOVE the close up…he’s watching you Tammy…do you know which type of cockatoo it is?

  6. I think I like the full view of the bird best – for some reason I need to see his talons. But there would be a lot of cropping options too. You could try removing about a 1/4 on the left and about a 1/4 on the bottom, which would take out the dark stuff at the left edge and give some negative space on the right. Though that would remove his beautiful tail feathers. He’s really pretty!

  7. Hi Tammy,
    He’s much better looking and interesting in the crop. You can see his face and feathers much better. Great shot. Have a great day!


  8. I like the full view of the bird best becasuse of the empty space around him. The branch at the top right is distracting, but otherwise that photo works for me. The head shot has an interesting angle on the bird’s eye – would work better for me if the eye were lower in the frame and there was more empty space in the background.

  9. I think the cropped photo is stronger, since you don’t see all the branches and twigs. But the eye is not quite in focus, the focus seems like it’s more on the beak. Beautiful bird, either way.

  10. I like the tight crop. It would be nice if the eye were sharper.

  11. What a beauty! Amazing detail in the cropped shot. Just amazing.

  12. If I hadn’t seen the first photo, I would have given such a good review to the tightly cropped one…maybe suggesting more of the eye??? Then I looked at the first one again and couldn’t decide what to crop instead…like Julie…

  13. I like the more intimate feel of the second crop.

    However, I also like the way the branch he is sitting on and the one above, frames his upper body and brings my eye closer to him. Probably means you could try a third crop to exclude the lower third.

    Beautiful bird, so nice to have all the various crops to know him fully.

  14. I do believe that I like the picture of the whole bird the best. I like how the branches are angled in the same direction.

  15. I like the top uncropped one better. To me, the branches provide context, and seeing the whole bird shows a certain cocking of the head that gives it personality.

  16. I believe I like the uncropped version best. I really enjoy seeing the bird in its environment.

  17. I like the uncropped version as well. It gives you a sense of size and proportion and I like the complimentary colors of the bird to the background.

  18. I think they tell two different stories. If you could remove the top branch, and the small, right-hand branch on the top photo, I think it would put even more focus on this pretty bird. The lower image is quite striking, but the angle hides his left eye just a bit too much for my liking.

  19. Great shots, Tammy, both of them! I’ve gone back and forth as to which one is my favorite and am still undecided. I like being able to see the context in the uncropped one and see the whole bird, but like the detail and textures in the bottom one.

  20. Both shots are great – each tells a different story. I think the first one utilizes the composition technique of framing – the two limbs and the darker line on the left. The second one is great, but I think it needs a little more depth of field…right now it is so shallow that the feathers on the back of his head are not as sharp as in the front. Even if you got more detail in the background than you wanted, you could blur it out with PSE. very very nice, though.

  21. Tammy! While I am a big fan of cropping, and even though the first photo could have used a tab bit (i.e. take out that top branch), I like the full view of the bird. He is so soft and fluffy looking in the first. Although the cropped photo adds a lot of drama and detail, I still like the first one. I just noticed . . . this bird’s toes are different. His two middle ones are shorter than the two outside ones. Is this normal for a Cockatoo??

    Well, thunder and lightening are moving in. Had better shut down!

    • You have a great eye, I didn’t notice his toes and do not know if this is a common trait in cookatoos….I will have to google it, good eye!

  22. I like to original. The background brings more dimension and color your image. The full view shows the gorgeous spot of yellow on the tail. The cropped version loses all of that.

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