7. Meditative

This morning before I went to work I stopped in for a hot stone massage….a perfect time for meditating and relaxing!

Camera: Canon XSI, Shot in Manual mode, Lens: 18-55mm, Focal length: 18mm,  Aperture F/3.5, Shutter Speed 1/60, ISO 400
Processed using PSE8, levels adj, Topaz Simplify – tweaked to my liking, converted to black and white, added a brown fill color on top & used soft blend mode- lowered opacity to 75%


~ by Tammy on January 12, 2010.

23 Responses to “7. Meditative”

  1. Now the truth comes out. You just can’t get enough of WHIYE can you, if your not snapping it outside, you find it indoors. Right on for the theme though.

  2. Nice shot! I like your post processing. I couldn’t get one of those before work tho, better after! They put me to sleep!!

  3. Oh you are so lucky, aren’t they the greatest things ever? Great picture of the before, but weren’t you like a puddle after? LOL

  4. the problem for me is that I fall asleep and then miss the whole massage.

  5. Like what you did with the image Tammy. Put me horizontal and I`m out like a light, so would have missed the whole expeerience. LOL

  6. Nothing like rubbing it in! I’ve been cleaning all day and this looks so inviting! Nice photo.

  7. Well after cleaning my kitchen cabinets & drawers, this really looks nice and comfy. Nice selection for treatment.

  8. Lucky! That massage table looks inviting. I think I need one of those, too!

  9. This would have been the day to ask you for MORE favors! I’m sure your relaxed state would have yielded more ‘yeses’! You’ve sure got me intrigued by the hot rock massage!

    • Hot stone is the BEST!! It is a deep tissue massage using hot rocks, it really gets your “kinks” out! I have had several back surgeries and these are the only thing that whips me back into shape when my back hurts!

  10. Sounds heavenly!

  11. What a way to start your day! I love the tones you used, they add to the relaxing feel.

  12. Wow…does this ever look inviting! With all the processing you did, I’ll bet tweaking the image was as relaxing as the massage!

  13. OOO, the warm stones sound so nice. We have rain here tonight. Nice tonal quality to this one, Tammy.

  14. This is such a relaxing (and one to be jealous of!!) image. Your processing makes it more inviting. Great use of effects and tones.

  15. Lucky girl, sounds like a great way to start the day! Wonderful image.

  16. Hi Tammy,
    That looks so relaxing! I’ve never had a massage, always keep saying I’m going to have one. Have a great day!


  17. LOVE this Tammy…the processing is beautiful. I really have to learn some of that this year…come and visit and teach me OK?

  18. A great angle on the bed, and I love the tones in the processing. I am totally jealouse.

  19. I would NEVER be able to go to work after that!!! I do like the soft image you captured – very relaxing.

  20. Tammy! While I’ve never had a hot stone massage, I have had one where the masseuse used an agate which warmed up enough from the friction that it was hot to the touch. So soothing! Wonderful! Nice melodrama in your photo. Invites one in. Anticipation is a great part of enjoying the massage, isn’t it?

  21. Lucky you! It looks so relaxing!

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