5. Buried (Just for fun)

Today we began the chore of digging out of all this snow…
Would anyone mind getting my mail??

Poor Miss Chloe is telling me to hurry and get her picture – her feet are getting cold!

And then there is Bogy,  he is hoping when he opens his eyes all this snow is gone!  🙂  We have to dig paths in our backyard so the dogs can go out w/out getting lost…


~ by Tammy on January 9, 2010.

26 Responses to “5. Buried (Just for fun)”

  1. Yikes! That’s deeper than my Chloe! Neither look very happy about it. Hope it goes away soon. When I was a kid we got jobs shoveling snow and the lady down the street paid us double to make paths for her little dog.

  2. Thanks for sharing these! I’m now living in a desert town in Arizona… so it is fun to see pics of real snow.

  3. Gives a whole new slant on trench warfare, boy do those dogs live a dog’s life. Wonderful Snow Crystal Clear shots too, I love those!

  4. Awww..poor little things. Mt brother in Toronto used to dig a circular path around the back yard so his Jack Russel cold run and get some quick exercise when they had loads of snow . Poor babies!

  5. Fire hydrants, mail boxes, are you able to go anywhere? Wonderful shot of the 4 legged ones.

  6. OMG Tammy!! What you are going through! Not to mention your dogs! Actually, it doesn’t look like the mailman has been there so don’t worry about collecting it!! Thanks a bunch for sharing your pics! Are you used to this or is this a record??

    • Definitely a record…last winter we got a total of 10″ all winter long…right now we are sitting w/ a little over 24″ and the winter has just began…we usually get huge spring storms…I don’t think this snow is going anywhere very fast! 🙂 The bad thing we had were the high winds – there are tons of drifts at least 4-5 ft tall…I will try to get some pics of those, kinda cool!

  7. I agree you definitely have to dig out. The dogs are beautiful Tammy and I think you’d better add another bright colored bandanna to Miss Chloe so you don’t loose her in all that white.

  8. Wow Tammy, my 3 inches means nothing compared to that. Virginia would have come to a complete halt. Chloe and Bogey will be glad to see those hydrants or even just some green grass.

  9. Sweden and Nebraska The same?

  10. LOL You could use this as one of your own themes!
    I like the lighting and the paths in the snow. They showcase Miss Chloe & Bogy beautifully!

  11. It isn´t fun…poor dogs! And humans!

  12. Good luck with all that snow! I’d love to have it here, but just for a day. Do you think that could be arranged?

  13. That is just TOO much snow!

  14. cute dogs, hope their paws didn’t get too cold 🙂

  15. Golly!!! We didn’t even get an inch of snow here, and it completely stopped everyday life. I don’t know how y’all handle it.

  16. I’m not sure I’d put this in the category of “fun”, but WOW…you really do have a TON of snow!! Glad you have those teen boys to dig you out.

    Dogs are cuties!

  17. Tammy! Hate to tell you this, but there is no mail in those boxes because some how or other, they got snowed in! 😀

    Your babies would be lost in the snow if they ever got away from you. White on white is not a good combination. Are they Lhasa Apso or Shih-tzu’s. They look too large to be Shih-tzu.

    My Shih-tzu babies would have been running and jumping into the snow. They came in with all these sno-balls attached to all that fur on their legs/feet and underneath and we’d have to thaw them out.

    Hope the worst of the weather is finally over. It is here. Last week we had a day with 70 degrees, where just less than a week earlier, it was 8 degrees low and 12 degrees high with strong winds.

    Glad that you braved the cold long enough to get these shots. Good job – all things considered.

    Hate bringing up the tail end because others before me get to make the best comments!

  18. Chloe is a lhasa & Bogy is a shih-tzu….and neither one of them likes snow. They like us to carry them out and set them down (they potty in that exact spot) then we pick them up and carry them in…now….the question is Who has who trained?? LOL Spoiled, but we love them!

    • Tammy! Thanks for the doggie info. I can’t believe they do not like snow. Yep, spoiled is right. I do miss my babies!

      The T-storm moved in last night and raged for about 2 hours. Now we have a flood watch along the Black River. Been lots of flooding this year. Yet, that is not surprising since we normally have about 50 inches of rain per year, this past year, we had over 80. So far, it hasn’t changed much for this year. Glad it isn’t snow! lol

      • If it makes you feel any better, it is pouring ice here now….and then it is supposed to warm up and keep pouring through the weekend (that should melt some of this 2 ft + snow we have) – but, the downside is flooding here along the Platte river….warnings have been issued! What is it about this weather this year?

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