4. Texture

Ok guys, the cold air must be going to my head…it is bad when you are taking pictures of the bubbles while you are doing dishes….I think I need to get out….LOL   Which is your favorite dish water texture??

Camera: Canon XSI, Lens: 55-250mm, Focal length: 55mm, Shot in Aperture Priority mode, Aperture F/11, Shutter Speed 1/40, ISO 800
Processed using PSE8, levels adj, upped saturation on greens and yellows

Camera: Canon XSI, Lens: 55-250mm, Focal length: 55mm, Shot in Aperture Priority mode, Aperture F/5.6, Shutter Speed 1/80, ISO 400
Processed using PSE8, levels adj

Camera: Canon XSI, Lens: 55-250mm, Focal length: 70mm, Shot in Aperture Priority mode, Aperture F/5.6, Shutter Speed 1/200, ISO 800
Processed using PSE8, levels adj


~ by Tammy on January 8, 2010.

35 Responses to “4. Texture”

  1. This is great, Tammy. That top photo is just excellent with the hint of the Palmolive bottle. This is a prize winner.

    • Thanks Clara, I am getting really creative, not sure that -5 degrees is good for the camera LOL

  2. The cabin fever must ne high if your putting palmolive into your white wine to simulate Champers Girl, get out, go to a wine tasting (how much arm twisting is needed), let the grape put some red in your cheeks, instead of the cold wind and snow. These are great texture shots, but that is just the bubbles going to your head. LOL

    • Oh Ron, if I could rip myself away from the fireplace and blanket I would be out the door in seconds….I wonder if they make HOT wine…hmmmmmm…..

  3. New blog. And great pictures as usual it’ll be fun to follow even though I’m so bad at English. Hug

    • You make me laugh Veronika – I don’t think your English is bad at all! Looking forward to another year of viewing your awesome images!!!

  4. I think someone is starting to go stir crazy. Love the one on the top, ahh, fresh green apples what a great sent!!

  5. Such a neat idea!! See what happens when the weather is so awful!! I like all of the smooth-looking bubbles in their various stages. I can smell the Green Apple Palmolive all the way over here!!

  6. You’re joking right? I take my camera out in -28 degree CELSIUS (translate that to -18 F) all the time. Get your hands out of the dishwater and get outside!

    I like shot #2 the best.

  7. I like the first one, it has more depth in my mind. But you shouldhave had your hands soaking in the l iquid too and where’s Marge? LOL

  8. As you shall soon see, I was taking pictures of the water drops on the inside of the shower curtain this morning. We’re either desperate or simply creative enough to see the beauty in the ordinary! I like the top image best. I don’t know why, but it reminds me of ads from the 30s and 40s. the apple green of the bottle sets off the white of the bubbles.

  9. You are too funny…but these are very compelling! I like the first for the color of the bottle, contrasted against the suds, and the last, for its “what IS that??” quality.


  10. I can see the weather doesn’t stop you from fulfilling the themes! LOL. Sure you’re not a letter carrier?? I like the top one best-the textures show up better, plus the contrast with the soap bottle. Nice lighting, too. I’d be interested in the EXIF on it, (so maybe I could learn something-haha)

    • Thanks for the nice comments…I added the EXIF data to the bottom of all my images and how I processed them…I will try to keep doing this – I’m not good at it LOL

  11. That first image jumps out as a great advertising shot.

    I know exactly what you mean about feeling house-bound with the cold weather – at least you’re getting creative & it’s paying off!

  12. Well, I’m so late that everyone has already espressed my feelings about your photos. You are very creative!! I like that you have posted your data too. I don’t blame you for staying in…I’ve seen your weather report!!

  13. Ha!! Get outside before it’s too late Tammy!! 😉

    Actually I quite like the photos. I’d ‘vote’ for number 2 with the line of color running through it, but the scent of that detergent is so unique that the first image is a multi-sensory experience.

  14. Hi Tammy,
    I like your bubbles! All of them. The first one is really great with the bubbles and the green in the background.


  15. I think I like the third one the best, as you have sandwiched most of the bubbles neatly in the middle of the shot.

  16. Thanks for posting the EXIF. I’m sure that will be a big help to me on my learning experience on this blog. I will try and remember to post mine also as it is part of the learning process. Maybe one month we should have a “bloopers” theme, showing photos that didn’t come out so good and what we did to correct it.

    • Julie & I are doing the mini assignments on the 15th of each month – that might be a great idea for a mini assignment..I will pass it on to Julie! Thanks! 🙂

  17. Great bubbles! As for warm wine, I should send you some of my German daughter-in-law’s Gluwein (red wine, whiskey, orange juice, lemon juice and more, served warm). It doesn’t take much to warm you up!

  18. Glad to see you are amusing your self! I like the middle one for the streak. I’ve joked before about wanting a scratch and sniff widget- these sure show the need for one 🙂

  19. #3 for me !!! Poor you..come visit us here..no snow!

  20. So much fun when doing a boring thing like the dishes 🙂
    Just use the fantasy and you never have to leave the house 🙂

  21. Maybe a touch of cabin fever? lol
    Great shots on these bubbles, you’ve captured a lot of texture here.
    I really like the first picture. The pop of color and the composition really make it stand out.

  22. Number two is my favourite!

  23. I like the textures, Tammy, and I love the hint of color and explanation with the soap bottle peeking through. Apparently snowbound isolation serves you well!!

  24. Tammy, this is such a creative shot! Magazine ad worthy! I wish I could have that kind of inspiration!

  25. I like the first shot with the hint of the bottle and it’s pop of color, but I also like the last one for it’s mystery – it’s hard to guess what it is – almost looks like sugar crystals.

  26. Tammy! I’m bringing up the tail end again! I like the first photo best. Like the reflection of green in the water and bubbles. Amazing what one cam come up with when you are pressed to produce, isn’t it?

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