3. Pink

What could be more “in the pink” than Victoria’s Secret?

Camera: Canon XSI, Lens: 55-250mm, Focal length: 135mm, Shot in Aperture Priority mode, Aperture F/5, Shutter Speed 1/60, ISO 400
Processed using PSE8, levels adj and cropped image


~ by Tammy on January 5, 2010.

34 Responses to “3. Pink”

  1. Hey Tammy

    Great selection ( never been in one of them thar stores) LOL. Could also be a pattern and lo and behold you included and “Arc” the letter “C”

    • You should try it, it is one of my husband’s favorites LOL Hey, I did it too, several themes in one, I could grow to love this method! Thanks Jens! 🙂

  2. Oh, so pink! To me your composition is ideal – the angle and the close crop add tension. Including only part of the text is brilliant too – nobody needs to see the ‘cret’ to know it’s Victorina’s Secret!

  3. Nice shot Tammy – I love the vibrant pinks — and a nice place to shop too!

  4. Hey Tammy! Our modern-day ladies could do with some modesty yet produce a little glamor. I’m glad to see you created modesty and glamor yet revealed all that was necessary with this photo!! 😀 Nice touch!

  5. Hey, I don’t know anything about this Victorias secret, but I understand from what you have written that it’s a shop (or have I understood it wrong?) In Sweden Victorias secret should be our princess’s secrets about her plans for her wedding next summer.
    Your very close-up shot is very nice.

    • Sorry I left you out Lena, Victoria’s Secret is a lingerie store here in the US…Thanks for your nice comments! 🙂

  6. Iona hinted that you were going to model what was bought, and I am with her and I want to see that photo tomorrow, I notice that Karen wasn’t game enough to chip you about the Purple/Ruby Jewelry to right. LOL
    Show us the frillies!

    • LOL Ron, Only you…..if you were to see those pics I am afraid you would be running the other direction…it would be a truly scary sight!

      • Not for me Tammy it was Iona’s idea, right from the start, you remember what those young girls are like, don’t you??

  7. Great image Tammy, Vicky’s is always fun. If you were worried about boring you could have dangled something slinky out of one side of the bag, that would open some eyes, LOL.

  8. Great idea for the theme! I can hear the conversation..”Sorry, honey. I had to buy it. I needed to photograph the box…” Ahem ..;-)

    Love the tilt. Is that a theme? Oops…last year!

  9. Very good, Tammy. They even have a line named PINK. But I’m jealous, I’ve never been given a bag with those fancy baubles.

    • Don’t be jealous, that is just a bracelet that I had and thought it went nicely w/ the bag…

  10. To my horror, my daughter loves Victoria’s Secret (which actually isn’t quite as risque as its rep) and so I’m well aware of the PINK logo. I like the angle of your photo and the punch of the bow on the right.

  11. Well, your kids’ faces depending on the contents! Like the composition!

    • I don’t think I could turn those boys faces red (0r pink) if I wanted too – LOL Besides, all that was in the bag was a robe…nothing fun….(well, I think it is fun)!

  12. Great photographs to start off the New Year!! Great angle on this along with the vivid colors and lines.

  13. Tammy, this is terrific!! I too love the idea, composition, teasing with the name.. Great fun! Thanks for the smile!

  14. And her secret is…?

  15. Victorias secrets…also a secret to me until I read that there was a store. I thought perhaps it was a perfume created by Victoria Beckham. Great choice of colour for a lingerie store;)

  16. Good choice for the theme, Tammy. You did nail a few themes in it also, I see. You took something ordinary and turned it into something beautiful.

  17. Julie already said everything that comes to mind for me – such wonderful bold colors and the angle of the stripes is super! Nice touch adding the glitz too. Goes to show it’s perfectly OK and sometimes preferable to set up the shot.

    • Unfortunately, that is what is left right now – setting up the shot – unless you want to see snow until April LOL

  18. My favorite color! New year, new blog – that’s brilliant! Tammy, I wanted to thank you again for your support during 2009. I swear, there have been times, had it not been for you, I would have given up :-). So THANK YOU again, Tammy! Hope to see lots of you this year too!

  19. Nicely composed image for the theme. I like the colors, lighting and angles.

  20. Hi Tammy,
    Yep, that’s pink alright. I’ve never been to one of those stores. I don’t even think their is one around here. Have a great evening!


  21. Perfectly pink! Dare I ask if you were the recipient of this gift?
    If yes, what was it???? lol

  22. Love the store and the shot! Great idea to illustrate ‘pink!”

  23. Coming late sort of uses up all the words! Fabulous composing, sounds like it’s a good thing it’s something cozy. Hope you don’t have to go out in the nasty cold.

  24. It’s wonderful. The creativite idea, the angles, the monotone colors. Wonderful.

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