2. Chaos

The snowfall in our area has reached record amounts and have caused chaos with the emergency vehicles trying to reach emergency scenes….this morning there was a tragic house fire and due to the firetruck not being able to get to the hydrant, the house was  completely totalled.  Everyone, remember to clean your hydrants when shoveling, it may mean the difference between  life and death…our weather is now predicting another snow storm for our area on Weds with “significant” snowfalls, we are really getting dumped on this winter, what is up with that??

Camera: Canon XSI, Lens: 55-250mm, Focal length: 70mm, Shot in Aperture Priority mode, Aperture F/5.6, Shutter Speed 1/800, ISO 200
Processed using PSE8, levels adj, saturation adj, changed bottom layer to black and white, created frames using bevels & adjusting size of bevels


~ by Tammy on January 3, 2010.

30 Responses to “2. Chaos”

  1. terrific photo and beautiful presentation. I feel for you with all that snow! Come see me, we only have a light dusting!

  2. I don’t see that the International committee on adherence to themes will have any qualms with this one but I believe the IRS is going to qury your claim of it as a Public Service announcement aginst your next years taxes. Love the beautiful frame.

  3. Wonderful photo – but sorry you found this shot, reading your post. I remember to shovel out my mailbox approach, but if I had a hydrant, I doubt it would have occurred to me to shovel it.

    I like the frame work on this image. I’ll cross my fingers for no snow for you!!

  4. Honestly, I never thought much about the hydrant either, but after that poor family yesterday, I’m definitely going to remember it…Thanks Val!

  5. That’s a good (and poignant) reminder for those with hydrants. So sorry to hear about the tragedy.

    I like your treatment of the image using the beveled, montone framing. Also, I like your choice of signature stamp – very subtle and classy.

  6. Great image Tammy, Talk about alot of snow. WOW. If the fog would leave us alone I would like to go up to the snow,”Jazzy” our Siberian is 2 years old today and she has never seen it.

    • I can’t believe you have a siberian and she has never seen snow – aren’t those snow dogs?? Send her my way, we will take good care of her! 🙂

  7. Tammy what an image and your comments really hit home. My house burned to the ground when I was 10 years old and it is something you never forget. The frame is really cool and now I’m going to have to go play again — you always inspire me.

  8. You have really been hit hard with snow this year! It’s snowing lightly where I live, but days and days of “snowing lightly” adds up, too!

    Fire hydrants are a myth where I live, but I should go out with the snow shovel and tackle the pile of snow by the post at the road with my house number just in case an emergency brings someone looking for my house.

  9. Hi Tammy,
    We did the same post, Wow! Sorry to hear your getting dumped on with all that snow. We are experiencing bitter cold and snow flurries the next few days. The weather is really strange this year. I love the shot for this theme. It reminds us all of the Chaos of Winter. Have a great day!


  10. What a tragedy! But a great choice of photo which shows all the snow. We have a lot of it too 🙂 Brrrr…

  11. Tragic story, but your photo does tell a tale. You are welcome here (we can send the boys out fishing). It’s about 50 outside and breezy.

  12. Holy cow woman!!!! Ummm … remember, NO gardening clogs!!!

  13. What a tragic story; we may be getting some freezes here but snow is not one of our worries (thankfully). I like your frame treatment!

  14. Great photo, Tammy and what a great way to get a safety moment in! I will think of this if we ever get any snow here. So far, it’s just really cold, but no snow!

  15. It really is beginning to sound like The Long Winter out there. The unexpected yellow of the fire hydrant adds a nice punch of color to the almost monchromatic winter scene.

  16. Yuck! I remember shoveling around hydrants. I love your framing in this and the line of the track. How nice that you got all those invites, my house is too small …

  17. Beautiful! Love the framing and the way you use it to highlight the color. I feel for ya with the snow. The first year we were in this house, we had a total of 103″ through the winter. More snow than Ithaca, NY got that year.

  18. I like the picture, but I’m not sure I like the frame. Interesting idea, anyway.

  19. You guys have been hit really hard this winter. I hope there were no casualties from the fire.

  20. Tragic story but a very wise message you have to give.

    Like the combined colouring of this Tammy.

  21. Tammy! Nice shot! I like the hydrant off-set by the set of tracks. The bare bushes make it appear even colder yet.

    Didn’t you know this cold is the product of global warming?? lol I’ve been seeing the horrific cold and snow that Neb. has been getting. When I trucked with my late husband, we drove through that section of the country. The Interstate had been plowed, yet, if a man had stood on top of our semi he could not have touched the top of the sno-pack along side the road. It was like driving through a tunnel.

    Just hunker down and stay warm.

    • The snow along side our roads is now as tall as my car! It is hard to see around the corners when turning…..they changed our forecast for wed to only 4.5″ of snow, hey, that’s better.. 🙂

  22. I like the frame and the way it pulls your eye to the hydrant. I hope that hydrant doesn’t get completely buried in the next storm.

  23. Holy Schmoly..look at the snow! We don;t have any here…and we are hosting the Olympics (well the mountains have it) in a matter of weeks!
    Great piece of advice!

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